Safe Space - a safe space to talk about mental health, sexuality and identity
Safe Space: Sex work in Poland - open discussion on the taboo industry
Safe Space: Nowi Mężczyźni (New Men) – premiere of the short film by and post film discussion
Safe Space: The Human Library – chat with the heroes of the YOUNG HEADS campaign – UNAWEZA Foundation
Safe Space: Wellbee: Therapeutic power of films – discussion with Ania Cyklińska
Safe Space: Awareness, confrontation or therapy - how do the media use psychology to support us?
Safe Space: Be Like a Girl and Bodylove – conversations about the female body and courage in the context of the latest books by Ania Tatarska and Martyna Kaczmarek (with authors)
Safe Space: Period poverty in numbers and in practice
Safe Space: Presentation of the report YOUNG HEADS by UNAWEZA Foundation
Safe Space: New forms of online violence - how to deal with them?
Safe Space: KPH: Rainbow families – inclusive language workshop
Safe Space: The role of stories that “unshame”. How and where to talk about periods and other important things?
Safe Space: Therapy - what is it and is it something for me? When to go to a psychotherapist and when to a psychiatrist?
Safe Space: Assertiveness workshop : Me - so who exactly?
Safe Space: LGBT+ community - inclusive language workshop
Safe Space: The image of psychoactive substances in culture and film. Is it realistic?
IT GIRLS: Women in the music industry. From backstage to stage
Safe Space: KPH: Trans and non-binary inclusive language workshop