Last Things

Last Things
dir. Deborah Stratman/France, USA, Portugal/2023/50 min.
Kinoteka, sala 3

Filipka + Dear Madam + Passing as a Great Grey Owl + Last Things

What happens to us / Is irrelevant to the worlds geology / But what happens to the worlds geology / is not irrelevant to us. - Hugh MacDiarmid.

From before the beginning until after the end; evolution and extinction from the point of view of rocks and various future others. The geo-biosphere is introduced as a place of evolutionary possibility, where humans disappear but life endures.

Catalyzed by two novellas of J.-H. Rosny, joint pseudonym of the Belgian brothers Boex who wrote sci-fi before it was a genre, the film takes up their pluralist vision of evolution, where imagining prehistory is inseparable from envisioning the future. Also key were Roger Cailloiswriting on stones, Clarice Lispectors Hour of the Star, Robert Hazens mineral evolution theory, the symbiosis theory of Lynn Margulis, Donna Haraways multi-species scenarios, Hazel Bartons research on cave microbes and Marcia Bjørneruds thoughts on time literacy. 

In one way or another, these thinkers have all sought to displace humankind and human reason from the center of evolutionary processes. Passages from Rosny and interviews with Bjørnerud form the films spine.  Stones are its anchor.  We trust stone as an archive, but we may as well write on water.  In the end, its particles that remain.


  • projection time:
    50 min.
  • country/year:
    France, USA, Portugal /2023
  • director:
    Deborah Stratman
  • pictures:
    Deborah Stratman
  • editor:
    Deborah Stratman
  • production:
    Anže Peršin, Gaëlle Boucand, Deborah Stratman / Pythagoras Film, Pythagoras Film, Elinka Films
  • music:
    Thomas Ankersmit, Olivia Block, Nicolas Collins, Brian Eno, Okkyung Lee, Matchess
  • sound:
    Deborah Stratman, Simon Apostolou
  • festivals and awards:
    2023 – Sundance IFF, 2023 – Berlinale IFF, 2023 – Berwick Film and Media Art Festival: New Cinema Award, 2023 – Cinéma du Réel Paris; 2023 – Jeonju IFF

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